Download PowerDesigner 16.7 Trial Version

Thank you for your interest and registration to take SAP PowerDesigner for a test drive with our full-featured 30-day trial.

Below you will find links to download the four different components for SAP PowerDesigner which to install in your own environment. This trial software contains all the features and functionality in SAP PowerDesigner which will provide you a complete planning and architecture platform to try in your own environment.

The trial software components are provided as self-extracting installation executables. The trial will expire 30 days from the date of installation.

To install the PowerDesigner Trial:

  1. Download the SAP PowerDesigner EnterpriseArchitect.
  2. Download any of the OPTIONAL components depending on what you would like to test drive in your environment.
  3. Run the downloaded executable files to install the appropriate software component
  4. Read and accept the license terms
  • SAP PowerDesigner EnterpriseArchitect (Trial)
    During installation you can choose to install either the English or French UI.
  • SAP PowerDesigner Repository Proxy
    Optional – A service that runs on or near the SAP PowerDesigner Repository server to simplify and improve performance between the Client and Repository components of SAP PowerDesigner.
  • SAP PowerDesigner Portal
    Optional - Web-based UI where users can create, view, collaborate and interact with models in the SAP PowerDesigner Repository.
  • SAP SQLAnywhere
    Optional – A database that may be used during your trial to host the SAP PowerDesigner Repository.