What is Novalys Developer Maintenance Suite

Developer Maintenance Suite with Visual Expert and SAP PowerDesigner helps developers in charge of application maintenance to evolve the code quickly and safely.

Data Modeling

Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data models, Warehouse Modeling extensions and UML diagrams

Code Exploration

Browse your application by navigating through dependencies between procedures, triggers, tables, column, etc.

Call Trees

Draw up a hierarchy of items calling each other

Procedure > Function > Table > Trigger

Impact analysis

Evaluate the consequences of a change by listing all objects using a given table, column, procedures, functions, triggers

Technical documentation

Automatically generate a reference manual with all the details describing the inner working of the application

Code review

Automatically review of the application for compliance with development standards and detection of anomalies


How it works

By using PowerDesigner and Visual Expert together, you will be able to analyze the content of your database (code and DB structure) to leverage code exploration, impact analysis, technical documentation, and code review features, combined with a conceptual and logical representation of your database.