Guide to Editions and Licensing Models

PowerDesigner comes with several Editions (DataArchitect, EnterpriseArchitect…) and was available with different licensing models (simplified since version 16.6). Some of them were deprecated by SAP, others are still valid. This may create some confusion as to which edition, type of license and capacity is the right fit for a given project.

Below are some definitions to clarify this matter.

Current Editions

SAP PowerDesigner now comes with 2 editions

DataArchitect, Edge Edition

For database modeling

EnterpriseArchitect, Edge Edition

It includes both feature sets

Material Item Description
7017650 SAP PowerDesigner DataArchitect, Edge Edition
7017652 SAP PowerDesigner Enterprise Architect, Edge Edition


SAP PowerDesigner
DataArchitect, Edge Edition
SAP PowerDesigner
EnterpriseArchitect, Edge Edition
Conceptual Data Modeling Conceptual Data Modeling
Logical Data Modeling Logical Data Modeling
Physical Data Modeling Physical Data Modeling
Data Movement Modeling Data Movement Modeling
XML Modeling XML Modeling
Web Portal Web Portal
Enterprise Repository Enterprise Repository
Windows Client Store Windows Client Store
  Object-Oriented Modeling
  Business Process Modeling (Windows)
  Business Process Modeling (Web)
  Enterprise Architecture Modeling
  Architecture Framework Support



  • Most customers use the DataArchitect features
  • Only 1 licensing model is now available: CS (concurrent session)
  • The concurrent Session License is controlled by a local SYSAM server that the user must install first.

Obsolete Editions and terminology

(no longer available with PowerDesigner 16.6)

BusinessAnalyst, Edge Edition

For business processes modeling

PowerDesigner DataArchitect/DM

(DM stands for Data Manager = without Repository).
This edition was coming with both Floating License and Standalone License

PowerDesigner DataArchitect/RE

(RE stands for REpository - With Repository)
This version was sometimes referred to as  DataArchitect/DMR
(where DMR stands for Data Modeler with Repository)
This edition was coming with both Floating License and Standalone License

PowerDesigner InformationArchitect.

This edition was a superset of the DataArchitect Edition, combining data modeling and business process modeling (see “Old PowerDesigner Edition Schema” below).

PowerDesigner Portal/ Portal Composer

Former name for PowerDesigner Web features (More about PowerDesigner Portal), a component available in the current Editions. PowerDesigner Werb can be used as a standalone product, to edit and organize Business Process diagrams within a Web browser. It can also connect to a PowerDesigner Repository, to view and comment the technical models created with PowerDesigner desktop. (More about PowerDesigner Web)


PowerAMC was the French Edition of PowerDesigner. Since version 16.6, only PowerDesigner remain available, but the software is now available in French as well (the user can choose the installation language - Read more).
PowerAMC was offering several editions, available per User or Concurrent Session:

  • PowerAMC, Données
  • PowerAMC, Information Studio
  • PowerAMC, Architecture d'Entreprise
  • PowerAMC, Editeur Web

Below is the schema of old PowerDesigner Editions:

PowerDesigner Older Editions Feature Schema