What's New in PowerDesigner 16.7?

Core Features [Web Client]
  • Export from Web privilege.
    • A new privilege has been added to the list of existing privileges for repository users. This new Export from Web privilege can be used to allow or restrict exporting content from the repository for individual users and groups. This privilege controls the Export Diagram to PowerPoint, Generate Report and Export to Repository Zip File features.
  • Limit the choice of model types offered in New Model dialog
    • You can create a model template in the Library/Resources/Model Templates folder to override a standard model template and define its permission in order to remove the corresponding model type from the New Model dialog Type list for some specific users and groups.
  • New models added
    • PowerDesigner Web can now create and edit conceptual data models, physical data models, NoSQL models and data movement models.
  • Customize link symbol labels
    • You can now customize the displayed labels (source, center and destination) for link symbols.
  • Generate Models using the CSN notation
    • You can now generate some model objects using CSN notation (Core Schema Notation) in order to import your objects in Web IDE.
  • OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials authentication
    • You can now use OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials authentication for your APIs.
Data Architecture [Desktop Client]
  • New or Enhanced DBMS Support
    • The following DBMS versions are added or updated:
      o Oracle 18
      o Oracle 19
      o Snowflake

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