Sybase technology has added a new dimension to our business—we now quickly generate any type of reporting data our executives need within minutes. Previously, reports were impossible or took a full day to generate.
Bojan Sovilj
Research and Development Manager 
As the market leader in sports-game betting in the West Balkans, Mozzart needed to analyze the profitability of each of the 500 daily betting games it offers to customers. The company's existing production database performed daily transactions sufficiently but took too long to generate reports and was not able to handle some of the ad hoc reporting requirements. To meet this reporting need, Mozzart turned to Sybase IQ and Sybase. The combination of IQ and PowerDesigner has given Mozzart the ability to immediately review the performance of each betting game so it can adjust odds when necessary. Implementation was done by local Sybase partner MD&PROFY who managed to implement Mozzart’s complex betting business processes into optimized multidimensional model covering all demands for analytics and reporting. This new capability helps improve customer experience, ensure profitability and is enabling Mozzart to expand into new markets.

Business Advantage

  • The ability to immediately analyze the performance of 10,000 daily sports betting games in order to help company executives improve profitability and customer experience.

Key Benefits

  • Enables better business decision making through more accurate and timely reporting
  • Delivers reports 7 times faster than previous production database
  • Allows for immediate ad hoc reports reporting
  • Fulfills reporting requests that were previously impossible to deliver
  • Maintains report-generation speed even as data is added and as more users access the system

Sybase Technology


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Mozzart Seeks Ability to Quickly Analyze Sports-Game Betting Performance

Based in Serbia and founded in 2000, Mozzart provides sports-game betting services at over 450 locations throughout Serbia, Romania and Macedonia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina. As the leading sports-betting service in the West Balkans, the company has achieved success through a talented team of accomplished statisticians, IT engineers, mathematicians, and sports experts. Mozzart has also created software that allows its gaming operations to function reliably even under conditions where the telecommunication infrastructure has been poorly developed.
Each day, Mozzart offers betting odds on approximately 500 events. Its existing production database processes the transactions sufficiently but prevented Mozzart from efficiently generating standard and ad hoc reports so Mozzart executives could properly evaluate how well the business was performing.
"To operate profitably, we need to constantly evaluate the odds we give on all of our bets," says Bojan Sovilj, who oversees research and development of Mozzart's technology systems. "But we found that the existing transaction database could not generate all the reports we require, and it often took hours or an entire day to generate reports. We needed a data warehouse solution that would provide our executives with immediate information they could use to manage the business and ensure profitability."
Mozzart decided to build a data warehouse that could maintain clean data and generate reports quickly. To achieve this, the company needed technology that could accept data from multiple database sources including betting information and financial information. 

Sybase Data Warehouse Out-Performs Oracle By 700 Percent

Mozzart conducted tests of an Oracle data warehouse solution but found it did not perform nearly as well as a data warehouse solution offered by Sybase IQ—a highly-optimized analytics server that delivers superior performance for mission-critical business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing solutions on standard hardware and operating systems.
"Our tests determined that Sybase IQ actually delivered reports 7 times faster than the Oracle data warehouse solution," Sovilj says. "We also found that as we added more data and as more users accessed the system, the time gap between IQ and Oracle grew even wider."
The use of Sybase IQ allows Mozzart to generate standard and ad hoc reports within minutes rather than the multiple hours typically required by the Oracle solution. "Our IT team compares the speed of IQ to other data warehouses as similar to the difference between an F16 jet and a bicycle," Sovilj says. "When we added a new column or a table to a report with a large amount of data, it would sometimes cause the other data warehouses to crash, but IQ incorporates new data efficiently and keeps performing at its regular speed."

Sybase Modeling Tool Accelerates Process for Creating New Reports

As part of the overall reporting solution, Mozzart relies on a third-party ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool to move data from the production databases into IQ. Another key component of the solution is Sybase PowerDesigner, a modeling and metadata management solution that helps Mozzart create data, information and enterprise architectures.
"PowerDesigner allowed us to efficiently build the IQ data warehouse and makes it much easier to add new reports," Sovilj says. "For the first time, our development team can represent all of our data that we use across all of our databases within one repository of data structures. With five heavy relational databases, this is a key benefit. All we have to do when we have a new data interaction is to perform reverse engineering. We can also see exactly what is occurring with our data."
The two Sybase technologies have combined to ensure Mozzart users never see any performance issues regardless of the number of simultaneous users, which is sometimes as high as 20. IQ and PowerDesigner have also become favorites of the Mozzart 10-person technology research and development team since the two technologies have accelerated the production process when senior management requests new reports or report changes. "We look good when we turn around report requests quickly," Sovilj says.

Analyzing the Performance of 10 Million Betting Tickets Per Month

IQ and PowerDesigner currently help Mozzart process up to 10 million betting tickets per month. Each ticket includes approximately 14 data fields to be tracked depending on how bettors play their tickets, which means Sybase technologies help Mozzart process 140 million rows of data each month. "Now that our executives see how much we can offer in the area of reporting and managing odds, they are asking for more types of reports all the time, and this is causing storage requirements to grow," Sovilj says. "In the past we simply could not generate reports because of the size of the data, but after deploying Sybase IQ, we gained the ability to analyze how each betting game performs in terms of profit or loss per game. This is critical to the running of our business and gives us the ability to expand within current territories as well as enter new markets."
Mozzart can also analyze how betting games are impacted by changing two parameters at the same time. "Before, we could not easily analyze and control the parameter models, but now we can review two at a time to see how they interact and influence each other on betting activity," Sovilj says. "We can also create reports that show where we are making and losing money, which allows us to see the business from a real, mathematical perspective. Sybase technology has added a new dimension to our business—we now quickly generate any type of reporting data our executives need within minutes. Previously, reports were impossible or took a full day to generate."

Mozzart Grows Market Share and Considers Entering New Markets

With the help of IQ, Mozzart has expanded its market share in the West Balkans to 45 percent and now plans to enter new markets. This comes from the capability of being able to quickly analyze whether odds in each betting game will lead to profitability. "The column-oriented approach of IQ is the key," Sovilj says. "We simply can access more data faster than our competitors."
With IQ and PowerDesigner, Mozzart has developed such an effective warehouse the company is thinking about new services it can offer to the gaming industry. Mozzart may even consider creating a hosted data warehouse service to offer to other gaming businesses. 
"Many businesses in our industry face reporting challenges," Sovilj says. "IQ and PowerDesigner combine to provide significant value that we can offer to gaming businesses to help them analyze how all of their betting games perform."